Biorevolt® Rx

An innovative topical solution to hair and skin problems

BIOREVOLT® is a dermocosmetic line developed by, R&D Swiss company operating in the dermocosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.

Thanks to its natural active ingredients, BIOREVOLT® contributes to balancing the biosynthesis of some essential elements for the health of our hair and skin.

BIOREVOLT® products act through their unique and patented bioactive complexes of plant origin (BIOREVOLT® Complexes), purified and extracted through highly selective procedures. The line was developed and formulated by experts in the dermatological research field – as well as tested and validated by German and Italian opinion leaders specialized in dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

BIOREVOLT® products developed from some of the most recent findings in molecular biology research. Thanks to their bioactive substances derived from plant molecules, BIOREVOLT® products help restore and harmonize the biological balance of areas of application.

The skin will be regenerated and smoothed and its impurities will be reduced. Hair loss will be minimized and hair regrowth promoted. Unwanted hair growth on either face, body or legs will be contrasted. The cosmeceutical effectiveness of BIOREVOLT® products, proven by tested results, is an ally against the array of imperfections that most frequently affect the skin and hair.

How It Works

The bioactive compounds of BIOREVOLT® Complexes originate from plant molecules. Their sources are mainly fatty parts of plants such as seeds of rapeseeds, sunflower, green tea and nuts.

Due to their natural properties, these plant molecules only act on areas of application. A daily application of the bioactive cosmeceutical line BIOREVOLT® has lead to visible and measurable results.

Thanks to the biological action of BIOREVOLT® Complexes and their daily application, the physiological balance in the skin and hair follicles is restored.

How to use

To obtain the desired results, it is recommended to apply BIOREVOLT® bioactive cosmetic products daily and as long as suggested in the “Directions for Use” of each individual product.


BIOREVOLT® products’ effectiveness has been proven by clinical tests carried out in Italian institutes, such as the Dermatological Clinic of the University of Pavia, as well as by observational studies conducted in both Italy and Germany. Products’ tolerability has been verified in numerous clinical studies and trials.

A daily use of BIOREVOLT® bioactive cosmeceutical products has shown visible and measurable results. The unique action of all BIOREVOLT® Complexes contributes to balancing the biosynthesis of essential elements for the aesthetics of the skin and hair.