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Biorevolt® Rx

BIOREVOLT® is a dermocosmetic line developed by, Swiss company operating in Research and Development within the dermocosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.

The BIOREVOLT® line, based on natural active ingredients, contributes, thanks to its unique mode of action, to balancing the biosynthesis of some factors that are essential for the health of our hair and skin.

The line is protected by international patents. It was developed and formulated by experts in dermatological research, as well as tested and validated by German and Italian opinion leaders specialized in dermatology and cosmetic surgery.


Biocosmetic line developed in Switzerland and produced in Germany in compliance to the highest quality standards

The BIOREVOLT® product line is based on natural active ingredients and targets a series of skin and hair imperfections that have a common origin. BIOREVOLT® contributes to naturally balancing the biosynthesis of some elements that are essential for the health of our hair and skin, and represents a new topical approach in some of the most common skin and hair conditions.


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