Biorevolt® RX

Biorevolt® Rx

No longer just hope

The Biorevolt® cosmetic skincare line is based on natural active ingredients that target those skin imperfections, which share a common source. Thanks to the unique mechanism of action of BIOREVOLT®, the skincare line helps to balance the biosynthesis of certain factors, which are essential for the health of our skin and hair.A new topical approach to skin conditions.

BIOREVOLT® is a cosmeceutical skincare line based on natural active ingredients for the skin and hair. The products act via a unique bioactive complex of plant molecules, which are extracted using methods that guarantee high titration.

The line has been developed and formulated by experts in the dermatological research field, on the basis of observational clinical studies, and has been validated by German and Italian opinion leaders specialized in Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery.

The biologically active-complexes are extracted and purified, among others, from Rapeseed Brassica Campestris Sterols; Biorevolt® Complex) by highly selective extraction methods. BIOREVOLT® products are able to restore the natural and metabolic balance of the skin and its appendages, thus exerting a positive natural influence on aesthetic problems of skin and hair.

BIOREVOLT® products are based on the results of the latest research in molecular biology. Thanks to their bioactive substances (plant molecules), Biorevolt ® products can restore the natural balance between the female and male messengers of the skin, hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

Biorevolt® products will not only manipulate skin and hair superficially, but also harmonize the biological balance within the target areas: the affected skin will be regenerated and smoothed; impurities of the skin will be cleared; on the scalp, hair loss will be minimized and hair re-growth promoted; unwanted hair growth on face, body and legs will be inhibited.

BIOREVOLT®: all products are protected from imitations by various international patents covering both their mechanism of action and composition (No. 2670382/No. 2762471).

Their cosmeceutical effectiveness therefore makes it possible to achieve verified results on the imperfections that most frequently affect female and male skin:
Thinning, fragility and hair loss: HAIR PLUS women and HAIR PLUS men.
Impure skin: CLEAR SKIN women and CLEAR SKIN men.

Biorevolt® Rx

Your natural daily balance

Unique dual mechanism of action

The bioactive compounds within the Biorevolt® Complexes are plant molecules. Their sources are mainly fatty parts of plants, such as seeds of rapeseed, sunflower, green tea and nuts. It has been shown, that, due to their chemical properties, these plant molecules act locally within the skin only, without any systemic effects.

How to use

To achieve the desired and visible results, it is necessary to apply the bioactive cosmeceutic products permanent and daily and to follow the "How to Use" for each individual product.


The effectiveness of the products has been proven – inter alia - by clinical tests performed at the Dermatological Clinic of the University of Pavia, Italy. Their effectivity and tolerability was verified by extensive clinical and observational studies.
The daily use of products from the BIOREVOLT® bioactive cosmeceutical line therefore produces visible and measurable results. Thanks to the specific action of the BIOREVOLT® complexes, the balance of the female and male messengers in the skin and hair follicles is restored.