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Nitens Pharma was established after two young Italian entrepreneurs met with Dr Alfred Schmidt, a German researcher who has been working on pharmaceutical research and development for years.

Our goal is to raise the cosmeceutic treatment standard for certain skin and hair problems by researching, selecting and providing clients with innovative products. Nitens Pharma strives to be an increasingly credible and authoritative ally in the field of skin and hair problems alongside doctors and clients.

This is made possible by combining research and development with entrepreneurial skills and with the support of a network of professionals who are always available to communicate and discuss with the doctors.

Biorevolt® Rx is the result of the research of enzymmanagement ag, a company founded in Tägerwilen, Switzerland in the spring of 2007. It was established as the natural evolution of the Institute for Clinical Research that was created in 1978 in Hamburg by Dr Alfred Schmidt, among others, which was active in the research and development of health and cosmeceutical products for years. enzymmanagement‘s research focuses on the invention, development and production of cosmeceutical and topical bioactive products for treatments of certain skin and hair disorders and treatments of benign fatty tissue tumours and rare diseases, such as Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis (MSL) and Estradiol-dependent tumours (Breast Cancer).

Nitens Pharma has recognised the great scientific value of the cosmeceutical inventions by seeking to transfer its highly innovative content to doctors and clients.

Biorevolt® Rx

Biorevolt® Rx

Treatment for healthy hair and skin


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